Why It’s Not Over For The Mets–Yet.

The Mets just completed a three-game sweep of the San Francisco Giants (27-51) after losing seven of their last nine. While the season has been imploding for the Giants, this could prove to be the boost the Mets need as they go on to face the Marlins (34-40), Phillies (24-50), and the Nationals (45-30).

By the end of June and July of 2015 and 2016, the Mets hovered just over .500. It’s not time to panic, the season can still be saved but the Mets need a fire lit under them.

While they can take advantage of the struggling Fish and Phils, the Mets have to capitalize in D.C. to prove that they can still win against threatening teams. If the Mets struggle against the Nationals, they need to make a big move at the trade deadline–a Cespedes-sized move.

If the lineup can’t light up serious pitching and the bullpen struggles to protect narrow leads, the front office has to shake things up, at least make one big trade–I wonder who we could get for Tim Tebow? He was just promoted to Class A St. Lucie hitting .222, after all.

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