The Second Coming of Colón?

On Thursday the Atlanta Braves designated Bartolo Colón for assignment, giving them ten days to release or trade the 44-year old pitcher. While Colón’s ERA was 8.14 through 63 innings, he could still provide reinforcement for the Mets rotation or bullpen.

By bringing in a more reliable veteran like Colón, less strain would be placed on AAA Las Vegas as well since it started to look like the Mets were running out of options every time they called up Montero.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson declined to comment on their plans for Colón since he is still part of the Braves organization.

“Well, the typical copout is that he’s still the property of the Atlanta Braves,” Alderson said Friday. “That would be my copout for the moment. I was talking with a group upstairs. I did joke that we had put in a call to buy their surplus inventory of Bartolo bobbleheads. But we’d have to do a quick paint job on those potentially. We can’t really talk about it now.”

But with Gsellman, Harvey, Syndergaard, Familia, and Smoker all on the disabled list, Alderson can afford to take a chance on Big Sexy, especially since the Braves are paying most of his salary through the end of the season.

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